Particle Physics



Professor Victor Flambaum is a Scientia Professor, Australian Professorial Fellow, and Head of Theoretical Physics at UNSW. He works together with Dr. Michael Kuchiev, an Australian Senior Research Fellow, Dr Jacinda Ginges and Dr Vladimir Dzuba. The group’s research relates to particle physics, cosmology and general relativity. Topics include:
1. Tests of the Standard Model and the search for new physics beyond the Standard Model, based on the study of violations
of fundamental symmetries (parity and time reversal) in atomic phenomena.
2. The search for space-time variation of fundamental constants, as suggested by theories unifying gravity with other
interactions (e.g. String theory), in phenomena from the Big Bang and quasar spectra to superprecise atomic clocks.
3. The Coulomb problem for spin 1 particles (W-bosons) in Quantum electrodynamics and unified electroweak theories. Relations between the
renormalizability of gauge theories and small distance behaviour of wave functions for spin 1 particles.
4. Quantum phenomena near a black hole horizon.

Visiting Associate Professor Chris Hamer, in collaboration with Emeritus Professor Jaan Oitmaa, studies lattice models in theoretical physics, at the interface between field theory and statistical mechanics. They are particularly interested in Hamiltonian lattice gauge theory, which may be explored using linked-cluster series expansions, Quantum Monte Carlo simulations, or effective Lagrangian techniques. The aim is to predict the properties of bound states of quarks and gluons in QCD. They have been engaged in developing Path Integral Monte Carlo techniques for simulating these systems.


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