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The quantum mechanics of cricket
Does Steve Waugh solve the Schroedinger equation before deciding field placings?

The Foucault Pendulum
"Does the earth go around the sun and how do you know?"

Physics in Speech
Includes "Why Helium makes your voice sound funny"

 The Twin Paradox
"Can symmetry be used to disprove Einstein's Theory of Relativity?"

The Physics of Sailing
Includes "How can a boat sail faster than the wind?"

Superheating and Microwave Ovens
"Why is it possible to heat water above its boiling temperature?"
The South Pole Diaries
"Antarctic Astronomy Diaries
 Fractal Expressionism
"Can Science be used to further our Understanding of Art?"
Where does the particle spend most of its time?
An interactive learning resource from Dr Adam Micolich


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