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Chris Tinney

B.Sc. (University of Sydney), PhD (Caltech)

Professor (Australian Professorial Fellow)

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Research Interests

Doppler Searches for Extrasolar Planets: as a foundation member of the Anglo- Australian Planet Search I have been deeply involved in the search for extra-solar planets since 1998. Our program has now detected over 30 exoplanets using the UCLES spectrograph on the Anglo- Australian Telescope (AAT), and has demonstrated the highest long- term precision of any Doppler planet search worldwide. In 2007, we are beginning a series of revolutionary campaigns on the AAT, spending 48 consecutive nights targetting the most stable stars from our main planet search program, in an effort to detect planets as small as just a few times the mass of the Earth.

Brown dwarfs: very small objects formed via the star formation process are unable to support the fusion of hydrogen into helium, and so they cool and contract throughput their lifetimes. In many respects, therefore, these objects (known as brown dwarfs) resemble planets - they are very similar in size, and temperature, and can have the same masses as planets. I began research into brown dwarfs as part of my PhD thesis at Caltech, and have been actively studying them ever since using optical and infrared imaging, optical and infrared spectroscopy, and in particular, optical and infrared astrometry to measure trigonometric distances.

Selected Publications

  • High-resolution spectra of very low-mass stars. (1998) MNRASA, 301, 1031. CG.Tinney & I.N.Reid
  • Brown dwarfs: The stars that failed (1999). Nature, 397, 37. C.G.Tinney
  • An unusual supernova SN1998bw in the error box of GRB980425 (1998) Nature, 395, 670. T.Galama et al.
  • The Faintest Stars– Infrared photometry, Spectra and Bolometric Magnitudes (1993) AJ, 105, 1045. C.G.Tinney, J.R.Mould, I.N.Reid
  • Trigonometric Parallaxes and the HR Diagram for VLM Stars. (1995) AJ, 110, 3014. C.G.Tinney, N.Reid, J.Mould, J. Gizis
  • Searching for Weather in Brown Dwarfs (1999) MNRAS, 304, 119. C.G.Tinney & A.J.Tolley
  • Infrared parallaxes for Methane brown dwarfs (2003) AJ, 126, 975 (33 citations) C.G.Tinney, A.Burgasser, J.D.Kirkpatrick, I.N.Reid
  • First Results from the AAPS – A 51 Peg-like Planet and a brown dwarf (2001) ApJ, 551, L507 C.G.Tinney et al.
  • Four new planets orbiting metal-enriched stars (2004), ApJ, 587, 423 C.G.Tinney et al.
  • 2MASS Wide Field T Dwarf Survey IV: Hunting out T dwarfs with Methane (2005) AJ, 130, 2326 C.G.Tinney, A.Burgasser, J.D.Kirkpatrick, M.McElwain
  • Scientific Horizons at the Gemini Observatory (2004) Bob Abraham, Robert Blum, Michael Meyer, Doug Simons, Chris Tinney, Rosie Wyse (International Gemini Observatory: Hilo).
  • New Horizons: A Decadal Plan for Australian Astronomy 2006 – 2015 (2005) ed. B. Boyle, C. Tinney, C. Jenkins, E. Sadler, J. Storey. Australian Academy of Science: Canberra.

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School of Physics
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