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Operation of the Mopra Radio Telescope
As you may have heard, as a result of the recent Commonwealth Government Budget, the CSIRO needs to make cuts in many areas of its operation. Douglas Bock, Assistant Director - Operations at the CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS), stated at the recent Australia Telescope Users Committee (ATUC) meeting that CSIRO will cease expenditure on the Mopra telescope. He indicated that CSIRO have been contacted by an external consortium seeking to ensure that Mopra continues to operate productively after this occurs. He stated that CSIRO will be working with this group, and any other interested parties, to explore ways to make this happen.

Mopra is a facility in its prime and is scientifically productive. It also provides important complementary radio observations to several other national and international facilities. It is hoped that these discussions will lead to new arrangements to avoid Mopra's loss to the Australian and international science communities. UNSW, the University of Adelaide and the National Astronomy Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) currently have a 3-year contract (2013-15) with the CSIRO for the operation of Mopra.

Taking polymer electrolytes down to the nanoscale
Researchers at the University of New South Wales, Australian National University and Lund University have developed a method for nanoscale patterning of polymer electrolyte films using an electron beam. Read full story.

Remote Antarctic telescope reveals giant gas cloud
Using a telescope installed at the driest place on earth - Ridge A in Antarctica – a UNSW-led team of researchers has identified a giant gas cloud which appears to be in an early stage of formation.
Read fully story.

Casual Teaching Positions 2014 - First Year & Higher Year Teaching
The School of Physics invites expressions of interest from enthusiastic, suitably qualified people to work as casual demonstrators in First Year & Higher Year Physics laboratory classes, and casual online teaching assistants. Further information. Download application forms: (i) CLD First Year Physics, (ii) CTA & CLD Higher Year Physics.

PHYS1141 Higher Physics 1A (Special), new first year physics course for Advanced Science students in Semester 1, 2014 PHYS1141 Higher Physics 1A (Special) and PHYS1241 Higher Physics 1B (Special) are single-session 6UoC 'companion' courses developed primarily for Science students who are considering undertaking an Advanced Science degree (Physics Major). Further information .

Top-Up PhD Scholarship in Astrophysics
School of Physics, University of New South Wales
A top-up scholarship, valued at A$5,000 per annum for 3-years, is available for international and Australian PhD students enrolled at UNSW to work with Professor Michael Burton on an ARC-funded Discovery Project entitled “Dark Gas and the Formation of Molecular Clouds”. Further Information

Ph.D. openings in Nanoelectronics for 2013 (pdf flyer)
The Nanoelectronics group (Micolich) is looking to recruit Ph.D. students for 2013. Projects offered will be on the electronic properties of devices based on semiconductor nanowires. Full details of the groups research can be found at

New courses at the School of Physics
PHYS1160 Introductory Astronomy
- a new, online only, first year course in astronomy. Suitable as an elective or as a General Studies subject for non-science students. Further information
PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics - an introduction to the physics of energy use and the environment.  Suitable as an elective course in first year or as a General Studies subject for non-science students.  Further information
Also see the
First Year Physics website for contact details.


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